Binary Star is the blog of Dutch webdeveloper Daniƫlle Suurlant. That would be me.

I have been obsessed with computers and technology since I was little. I wrote my first code on a Commodore64 when I was 8 years old, already replacing variable names and values in example code to change what I was seeing on the monitor.

As a teenager I gravitated towards web design and started a part-time job building a corporate website. My fascination for web technologies hasn’t left me since. I have a knack for PHP and have worked with CodeIgniter, Symfony3 and WordPress; I know my way around JavaScript and Angular, and have some skill in .NET as well. HTML and CSS are a given.

I am currently working at Connect Holland as a Full Stack Developer.

My past employers include Bibliotheek Rotterdam, Cofano IT Solutions, Coolblue and Samson IT.